Makhandi Suji Ka Halwa Recipe  

Prep Time: 20 Min

– Semolina – 1 bowl  – Milk – 2 bowl  – Clarified Butter – 1 bowl  – Almonds  – Pistachio  – Cashew nut  – Dried Coconut  – Sugar – 1 bowl  – Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp

Cook Time: 20 Min


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Rinse and dry your squash. Slice off the stem and bottom ends of the squash, so that both ends are flat. Slice the squash in half and lightly salt.

After 1/2 hour, place a pan on the flame, add one tablespoon of ghee, and heat well. After the ghee melts, add chopped almonds, chopped pistachios, chopped cashew nuts, and dried coconut, and roast well for 1 minute. 

After a minute, transfer the roasted dry fruits to a plate. Add four tablespoons of ghee to the pan and heat well. 

After the ghee melts, add one bowl of sugar and melt it on a low flame until it turns golden brown. 

After the sugar turns dark golden, turn off the flame, add the semolina mixture, and mix well. 

Turn on the flame, stir continuously, and cook well on a low flame. After the halwa starts leaving the pan, add one teaspoon of ghee and mix well.

After mixing well, add one teaspoon of cardamom powder and mix well. Now, turn off the flame, add the fried dry fruits, and mix well.

Now your perfect Makhandi Suji Ka Halwa is completely ready, and you can enjoy it.