Custard Sharbat Recipe 

Prep Time: 15 Min

– Sugar – 1 cup  – Custard powder – 1/2 cup  – Almonds – 2 tbsp  – Cashew – 2 tbsp  – Pistachio – 1 tbsp  – Melon seeds – 1 tbsp  – Cardamom – 6 pc – Chopped Pistachio  – Chopped Almonds  – Milk -1 liter – Custard powder – 5 tbsp  – Rose water – 1 tsp  – Gulkand – 1 tbsp 

Cook Time: 15 Min


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Step 1

To make the amazing Doodh Custard Sharbat, take a grinding jar, add 1 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of custard powder. 

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Step 2

Next step – add 2 tbsp of almonds, 2 tbsp of cashew, 1 tbsp of pistachio, 1 tbsp of melon seeds, and six green cardamoms, and make a fine powder.

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Step 3

Next step – transfer the prepared powder into a bowl, add chopped pistachio, chopped almonds, and saffron strands, and mix well.  Your Custard Sharbat premix is completely ready, and you can store it in an air-tight jar for 4-5 months. 

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Step 4

To prepare the Doodh Custard Sharbat, place a pan on flame, add 1 liter of milk(transfer the 2 tbsp of milk into a bowl, we will use it later), and boil. 

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Step 5

Next step – into separated milk add 5 tbsp of custard premix and mix well. 

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Step 6

After a boil, turn the flame to low, add the prepared mixture to the milk, and mix well.

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Step 7

After the milk starts coating the spatula, turn off the flame and let it cool. Next step – keep the prepared Sharbat info fridge and let it cool. 

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Step 8

After cooling the Sharbat, take it out from the fridge, add 1 tsp of rose water & 1 tbsp of Gulkand, and mix well. Now your Perfect Doodh Custard Sharbat is completely ready, and you can enjoy it. 

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