8 Min में ठंडी गाढ़ी स्वादिष्ट बाज़ार जैसी Rabdi मटका कुल्फी-प्रीमिक्स भी बनाकर रखे 6 महीनो तक Rabdi

Milk powder – 1 cup
Sugar powder – 1/2 cup
Corn Flour -1 & 1/2 tbsp
Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp
Citric acid – 1 pinch
Finely chopped dry fruits
Milk- 1/2 litre
Instant rabdi mix – 125 gms

  • To make INSTANT RABDI MIX take a bowl.
  • Add Milk powder,Sugar powder,Corn Flour,Cardamom Powder,Citric acid,Finely chopped dry fruits and mix well.
  • Store in air tight container or zip lock.Store for 6 months in fridge or
  • 2 months in room temperature.
  • To make Instant Rabdi take pan, add 1/2 litre milk and let it boil.
  • As it starts boiling add 125 gms instant rabdi mix and mix well.
  • Scrape side and mix into milk.
  • After boiling for 3 mins use it for milk bottle.
  • Turn off flame when it is thick for rabdi recipe.
  • Let it cool and serve.
  • To make Kulfi with Instant Rabdi Mix take kulfi mould/glass/paper cups/matka.
  • Cover with foil/plastic/cling wrap.
  • Deep freeze for 7 hours.
  • After 6-7 hours take out and demould but palcing moulds into water.
  • Kulfi is ready to serve…Enjoy!!

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